Executables now available!

Before, one had to open up WAS/WERE in one's own browser to play it, which isn't the best for every browser. But now, there's executable versions, so one can just play it that way.

Executables are only available for Windows and Linux, because I don't own a Macbook.

Other updates

  • Fixed 1 typo
  • Instead of pressing "enter" to submit one's name, one presses a button to submit it.
  • You no longer have to refresh the web version to change your name.


WAS/WERE Windows 1.1 99 MB
Jun 02, 2022
WAS/WERE Linux 1.1 92 MB
Jun 02, 2022
WAS/WERE Web 1.1 + PDF + Afterthought
Jun 02, 2022


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